Hiruna Jayamanne

About Me

I'm Hiruna Jayamanne, a 2nd year Software Engineering student living in Auckland, New Zealand. I started coding at the age of 11 and since then I have enjoyed building applications and services that can benefit myself and others.


Bachelor of Software Engineering (Honours)
University of Auckland | March 2019 to November 2022

Cumulative GPA: 7.917/9 (A/A- average)

Intro to Data Structures and Algorithms – A+

Societies: Developers Society, Software Engineering Students Association, Computer Science Society, Asian Board Games Club.


Programming Tutor – Auckland Grammar Programming Group | Feb 2018 to Present

  • Responsible for designing and delivering interactive classes on Python and Computer Science concepts to a cohort of 30 students.
  • Provides virtual programming support to students learning Python and Rust.


  • 1st Place (2020) - WDCC x AUCS Hack Weekend Placed 1st out of 70 students.
    Made a web app that allows students to learn the names of the classmates in their course and how to pronounce them using flashcards.
  • 1st Place (2020) – SkillsMe Covid19 Hackathon
    Placed 1st out of 30 industry professionals. Made a service that allows the elderly to get in touch with mutual aid groups via landline. (Frontend: Flutter, Backend: Typescript)
  • 1st Place (2019) – Auckland University Computer Science Society Hackathon
    Placed 1st out of 50 undergraduate and postgraduate students.
  • 4th Place (2018) – New Zealand Programming Contest (NZPC)
    Placed 4th out of 170 students at a national level.
  • 7th Place (2017) – New Zealand Programming Contest (NZPC)
    Placed 7th out of 130 students at a national level.
  • 7th Place (2016) – New Zealand Programming Contest (NZPC)
    Placed 7th out of 110 students at a national level.


My interests include Anime, Programming, Trading Card Games and Online Collectible Card Games; which are reflected in my personal projects like Nyanko which is a cross-platform Anime client.


(Ordered by level of comfort)


  • Rust
  • Python
  • Javascript/Typescript
  • F#
  • Dart
  • Java


  • AWS
  • Qt
  • Flask
  • Flutter


  • Linux
  • WebAssembly (WASM)